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Service Detail

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Carton Division

The carton division under our SBU ‘National Carton Factory’ was created to fulfill HPF’s carton requirements.

Our Production Capacity

20,000 MTs or 50 million pieces annually high demand for cartons encouraged the partners to set up a new plant. NCF has installed capacity of 2000 MTs (4,000,000 pieces)/Month of cartons.

We are a customer-oriented, market driven company, dedicated to meeting customer’s need and expectations. We provide best value and service through combined efforts and cooperation of each member of organization. We are dedicated to growth and will continually keep abreast of the technology and pulse of the market. We value our employees and consider them as the most valuable asset of the company.

We are committed to increase productivity and profitability while maintaining the highest standards of conduct and ethics.


Food Safety

Corrugated boxes are sustainable, and renewable and help food to stay fresher, cleaner, and better protected.

Corporate social responsibility

We are engage in socially responsible and used 90% FSC paper (recycled) for our boxes and core production.

Halal Declaration

Our processing and raw material is halal and good for all food or food related products.

Our Capabilities

Qualified and experienced staff run the manufacturing facilities monitored by a laboratory for quality control at all levels of manufacturing. The laboratory is equipped with various equipment helping to avoid “a below standard” product leaving the factory.

  • Ring crush testing
  • Edge crush test (ECT)
  • Bursting machine
  • Box compression machine

  • Core compression machine
  • Barcode verifier
  • Pre-production
  • In-house design and artwork
  • In-house die-cut making