National Carton Factory

NCF was founded by the same two partners as HPF. In the beginning, HPF’s carton requirements were fulfilled by local corrugated carton manufacturers. However, the delay in deliveries pushed the partners to purchase a small plant from India which produced sufficient cartons and paper core for in-house requirement. Thus, a new division of HPF was created. The high demand of cartons and core encouraged the partners to sell the goods in the Saudi market therefore giving birth to a new company called National Carton Factory (NCF). Over the years NCF has steadily grown to include a wider product range in the carton industry.

Decade 1990s

1993: New division of HPF created to manufacture corrugated cartons and paper core (100 MTs/month) for in-house requirement

1996: Partners establish new corporation called National Carton Factory (NCF) with company license and commercial registration

Decade 2000s 

2001: NCF becomes SAGIA Company


Decade 2010s

2014: Expansion of NCF to new location with state of the art plant and machinery

Carton Division


Core Division


Cliche Division