Al Hoshani & Partner Plastic Factory

HPF is a part of a group of companies based in Saudi Arabia. with head office & manufacturing facilities in Riyadh and sales offices in central, western & eastern regions, the group generates revenue of approximately US$30 million annually.

Secret to our success is the corporate philosophy of our leadership. We are committed to being more flexible and modern in our management style.

As a group of packaging professionals with a common goal, we are unified as one strong team with one vision and our mission is to create value for customers, employees and owners alike.

Our proud heritage serves to prove our commitment to customer satisfaction which helps us to dominate the market.

Plastic Division

Pipe Division

Stretch Division

Polyestrene Division

National Carton Factory

The motivation behind the creation of NCF was to fulfill the needs of Cartons and Core for HPF. In an effort for vertical integration, the leadership decided to get their own corrugation plant and hence NCF was founded.

Over the years NCF has steadily grown to include a wider product range in the carton industry. NCF is a customer-oriented, market driven company dedicated to meeting customer needs and expectations.

Our core values comprises ‘Value Proposition’ targeted to our customers, ‘Dedication to Growth’, ‘Continuously Morphing’ to market behavior, ‘Human Resource Value Chain’ and a work culture where we create a motivating vision, and recognize superb performance through company celebrations.

Most importantly, we are committed to increase productivity and profitability while being a socially responsible company that maintains the highest standards of conduct and ethics.

Carton Division

Core Division