Group Profile

Al Hoshani & Partner Plastic Factory (HPF), National Carton Factory (NCF) and Specialist Industrial Services Company (SISC) are part of a group of companies based in Saudi Arabia. With Head Office and manufacturing facilities in Riyadhand sales offices in Central, Westernand Easternregions, the total workforce of the group is approximately 400 staff. The group generates revenue of approximately USD 40 million annually.
•Flexible & Rigid Plastics –Polyethylene Films, Polystyrene, Pipes etc.
•Paper Corrugated Products –Cartons, Flats etc.
•Refrigerators –Merchandising Fridges, Single & Double Doors, Open Faced Coolers etc:



Two Partners Establish Al Hoshani Plastic Factory (HPF)


1991                                                                                                          1992                                                                                                   1996

Pipe Division Added to HPF                                                 Polystyrene Division Added to HPF                            Partners Establish National Carton Factory (NCF) to Produce Cartons.


2001                                                                                                          2008                                                                                                   2009

HPF and NCF become SAGIA Companies                              Stretch Division Added to HPF                                                Paper Tube (Core) Division added to NCF


2011                                                                                                          2013                                                                                                   2015                                            

NCF Partners with Prince Khaled Saud Al Kabeer to         SISC Merchandising Refrigeration Plant with brand name          Inducution of Wickted Bags Making Machine
Establish SpecialistIndustrial Services Company (SISC)    SamaCoolComes into Commercial Production.                             Like Chicken Bags, Bread Bags, Ice Bags


Focus on Quality:

  • HPF, NCF and SISC are ISO Certified
  • As part of being quality conscious, the group is investing heavily, not only on lab and quality equipment but also on human capital for all products to undergo strict quality measures
  • Quality and Food Safety Certifications

Focus on Social Responsibility:

  • We are always finding ways to be more environment friendly e.g. recycling of waste paper and plastic.