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Plastic Division

Our Brief History

In 1989, Mr. Mohammad Ali Al Hoshani and Mr. Mahmood Aziz Abdul Aziz partnered up and established Al Hoshani Plastic Factory. Commonly known as HPF, we have total production capacity of 10,000 MTNs per annum. Our key strength lies in state of the art extruder machines with rotary systems and sealing machines of international standards. Our unique blend of machines and personnel enable us to produce polyethylene films with up to 4.4 meters of width and thickness ranging from 8 to 250 microns.

Salient Features

Product Range in LDPE / HDPE BAGS

We manufacture an extensive range of polyethylene Carrier & Shopping bags in different shapes & sizes with various colors.

Our food packaging products are made from food grade virgin and high clarity materials by maintaining the hygiene standards of the food industry. Al Hoshani is certified for ISO-22000 for safety applications. Our range of food packaging in high quality printed forms as follows

  1. Chicken Bags
  2. Bakery & Bread Bags
  3. Ice Bags

Our extensive range of trash bags are optimized in rolls & bags forms to meet clients specific needs

These bags are designed to be used as grocery bags for Hyper markets, vegetable & fruits markets in Ono-biodegradable forms

Our innovative wide range of formulation well suited for the construction industries block shrink film in both plain & printed forms.

High quality and bigger widths are available in our construction & agriculture rolls. UV forms also available for specific Customer’s demands.

our range for excellent value-for-money Sufra rolls consist of LDPE & HDPE rolls in both plain & printed forms.

  1. With or without core
  2. Plain or Printed

These bags are primarily intended for the needs of specific retailing, particularly retail fashion shops and boutiques in various options side seal, bottom seal, patch and loop handle

High clarity laundry bags available both in plain & printed designs to meet Customer’s extensive demands.

Various film color & printing , thickness from 27~250micron, and width from 5~75cm.